Our organization allows us , especially in the ports of Ravenna, Chioggia, Rimini, Pesaro, Ancona and other Adriatic ports, to serve every kind of ship, through our means equipped for bunkering.

  • Supplies to all ports in Italy and abroad;
  • Lubricating oil supply and ships’ stores;
  • Boarding practices;
  • Authorization of the Port authority;
  • Supplies to fishing vessels motorboat tugs dredgers and pontoons.


List of marketed items:

  • Diesel fuel marine 10 ppm low-sulfur;
  • Fuel oils IFO380, IFO30 and IFO40;
  • Denatured diesel 0,001%S (motorboat gasoline);
  • Ships’ stores;
  • Marine Diesel;
  • Lubrificants: All the major brands present on the Marina line National Market.

Company leader in the port area of Ravenna, it has a rich experience in fuels, fuel oils, lubricants and particularly in the bunkering industry. It facilitates all vessels sailing in EU waters to refuel with diesel fuel denatured and ship’s stores that Nuova Clar holds in its filing facilitating embarkation and lowering the costs of port practices.